Jackfruit Thai Curry – 300 gram
Yellow Thai curry paste with a jackfruit bite

Jackfruit covered head to toe in sweet yellow curry paste with a touch of coconut milk and turmeric. It’s Thai comfort food for the soul.

Jack’s tip: Defrost the jackfruit Thai curry. Then heat up on low fire in a pot or a pan. And yes, you can microwave it if you really must. Grab a bowl, add some plain white rice, and pour the curry on top. Enjoy!

Take a look at for more serving tips and jackfruit recipes.

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300 gram

Meet Jack

Meet Jack, a fruit for meat lovers! Hands down the biggest and meatiest textured fruit in the world. He offers a ready-to-cook food product lineup starring unripe, shredded jackfruit. Mix him with the right ingredients and you’ll have the power to please meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Curious to learn more about Jack? Follow Jack’s journey from the jungle to your plate on Instagram @meetjacknl & #fruitformeatlovers.

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